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Writing Notes

Writing Resource, Inc. purpose is to help the writer become a better writer by providing resources to develop their natural talents.

Writers, like artists, need the tools to paint their writing into a masterpiece. we hope to help find those tools and make them available in an educational format.

Here are some links that we think might be helpful.

Types of Writing:

Writing Poetry
Writing Novels
Technical Writing
Song Writing
Essays Writing
Short Stories
Writing for Children
Script Writing
Romance Writing
Fiction Writing
Writing Non-Fiction
Writing Greeting Cards
Freelance Writing
Writing Horror
Writing Fantasy
Writing Business Papers
Speech & Presentation Writing
Promotional Writing
Letter Writing
Writing Cooking Books
Writing Self-Help Books
Write Travel Guides

Writing Styles:

Writing First Person [I and We]
Writing Second Person [You]
Writing Third Person [He, She, It, and They]

Good General Rules:

– Be Clear, Be Direct, Remember Your Audience, Correct Typos, Grammar & Spelling Errors

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