Writer’s Software

Writer’s Software

Every writer needs tools to organize and write their thoughts and stories. Tools of the trade, pencils, pens, paper, typewriters, computer software.

The first short stories I wrote were while in junior high and I used pencil, pen and paper. I think it’s the same with most start up young writers of my generation. Jotting down notes and stories bits on whatever we could find at the moment the thoughts hit us.

The typewriter was my second means to write my stories when I was in high school and as a young adult. I wrote many stories for my High School English class. As a young adult I started writing short stories again and submitted to one magazine, was rejected and stopped writing again for nearly 15 years.

In the 90s, came the computer and computer software and I once again had a new means to write stories. The first software I used in the 90s was Word Perfect, and then next came MS Word. Lately I’ve been testing some new software that help develop plot, characters, and other important items.

Here’s some of the newest writer’s software:

Final Draft 7 Professional Scriptwriting Win/Mac

Movie Magic Screenwriter Version 6

Final Draft Version 7 Academic Win/Mac

NewNovelist 2.0 [Novel Writing Software]

Sibelius First – Music Notation Software

Final Draft Scriptwriter’s Suite [Final Draft 7 & Final Draft AV2]

Story Wizard – Creative Writing Software for Kids

High Achievers Perfect Writing Skills DVD

Writer’s Blocks 3

Power Structure (Novel and Screenwriting Software)

Power Writer (Novel and Fiction Writing Software)

Hop Writing – Create Captivating Stories

Writer’s Dreamkit 4 Win/Mac

Write Brothers Dramatica Pro 4 (Win/Mac)

Final Draft

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