Book Review ~ The Emotionally Destructive Relationship by Leslie Vernick

Book Review of; The Emotionally Destructive Relationship, by Leslie Vernick

“Seeing It, Stopping It, Surviving It”

This book was excellent. It is one of those books when you read through the pages; you can recognize bits of your own life. This book helps you to pinpoint hurting behaviors that are meant to control or punish you and in turn help change the way you think in order to get you into a safe place in your life.

The chapters in this book walk you through understanding, identifying, changing your reaction to, and then moving forward – surviving.

These are sentences taken from The Truth About Standing Up Chapter;
“Your passivity is detrimental when others lie to you, ignore you, treat you disrespectfully, or use you.”
“We are standing up for goodness, truth, righteousness, and peace.”

First, get safe, and get out of the destructive relationship. Second, start paying attention to positive – good things and refocus your life to change your attitude. You have to reprogram your brain again to be happy. You life was so beat down by the destruction relationship that you don’t realize how much it’s affected your own attitude about how deserving you are of a good life.

I would recommend this book to anyone.

Review by Susan M. Hilliard

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