Movie Review of: Nights in Rodanthe

Movie Review of: Nights in Rodanthe
Novel by: Nicholas Sparks
Writers: John Romano, Ann Peacock

I just watched this movie last night and I loved it! I happen to be a Diane Lane star so I wasn’t surprised this was a great movie.

The movie takes you through the life of Adrienne Willis after the hurtful betrayal of her husband with another woman. How her family and her both dealt with the problem. I don’t want to give too much away here though.

Richard Gere played the famous Dr. Paul Flanner who was also dealing with his own issues in his life when he meets Adrienne.

This is a movie that kept me watching until the very end of the movie and still hoping for the impossible to happen.

I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Movie Review by Susan M. Hilliard

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