Book Review – The Purpose-Drive Life by Rick Warren

Book Review – The Purpose-Drive Life by Rick Warren

The main theme of the Purpose-Driven Life focuses on, “What on earth am I here for?” This is a book that leads to thought and discussion, and Rick Warren book helps readers become the people that God wants them to be. To understand that you are a part of a much larger picture than you originally imagined can shape your life in wondrous ways.

The Purpose-Driven Life was written with Warren citing over 1000 scriptures in the Bible, which is the foundation of this book. It’s about using God’s word to drive our lives and shape our lives into his purpose for our life. Warren elaborates on five truths; we exist for the purposes of worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship and discipleship and when we fulfill these roles it is only then that we find true purpose, peace and happiness in our lives. You should understand and is explained in the book, is that each of us is here for a different purpose and that purpose can only be found by turning to God and his word – not by looking at others.

There are 40 chapters in the book and laid out in a matter that each chapter is a day’s bible study for the day. Each chapter ends with a “Thinking about My Purpose” which includes a point to ponder, a bible verse to remember, and a question to consider. The chapters have bible verses that go with the study for the day along with real world examples too.

Warren suggests you read the chapter and study your bible early in the morning when we are in our best form, instead of giving God our second best – tired worn out and ready to drift off to sleep.

This book is an excellent tool for bible study and can be read over again and again and each time you will get something new to ponder on and help your life grow in God’s word thus affecting your everyday life.

The conclusion of the book addresses each person’s mission within the church and world. Warren adds an appendix of discussion questions, resources, and answering why he uses so many translations of the bible throughout his book. There is also notes at the end which allows you to match of the Bible verses in each chapter in order to read each of the complete Bible scriptures he uses for examples.

I would recommend this book to anyone – and find direction in your life. Excellent book!

Reviewed by Susan Hilliard

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