Reading To Learn


A helpful tool many writers use is reading. There is no better way to learn-to-write than by reading as many styles and types of books as possible. As discussed in an earlier tip, books are written in different voices.

It is a great idea to read a book or more in each viewpoint or voice to find a style that appeals to your artist side.

Invest in a few some good fictions, romance novels, mysteries, true stories, comedies, self-help, and other books that will help you begin to read-to-learn your writing style. What you will find in each of the stories you picked out (if by different authors) is they have very different writing styles and delivery of their story line to their audience. This makes for an excellent learning tool to see different ways stories can flow and still be affective, helping you learn to develop your own writing style.

As you read, take notes on what you liked and disliked about the style of the writing, and be mindful of these points later on when doing your own writing.

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