How To Develop Characters

How To Develop Characters

You are the puppet master and your character is the puppet, remember this when developing your characters. If you don’t like what’s going on with your character, you alone have the ability to change the character and actions going on around them.

Developing a character is rather like designing anything else. You will need to think about your character’s part of your book and then decide some basic physical characteristics such as; eye & hair color, age, male or female, weight, height, facial features, any distinguishing characteristic that make them stand out, etc…

Another important thing to blend into the description of your character that develops and defines their true inward character is their background. Here is a list of some questions you can ask yourself about your character:

1. What type of childhood did they have that would affect them now?
2. What about their early teenage years that would affect them now?
3. Who are their parents and what type of affect does that have on their personality and life?
4. What town, city, state, county, and country did they grow up in and what type of affect does that have on their personality and life?
5. What type of things or characteristics makes your character unique and has played a part in their personality?
6. Do they have flaws in their personality or imperfections in their eyes even if not in someone else’s eyes?
7. Do they have flaws in their personal body or imperfections and how has this affected their personality?
8. What type of relationship do they have with their family?
9. Do they have a family?
10. What type of moral beliefs do they have and how has this affected their personality?
11. What makes them likeable?
12. What makes them dislikeable?
13. What things in their life are important to them?
14. Does their career define who they are or does their life define their career?

Do you see how you can develop a whole story based around that one character’s beliefs and past and present history? Start jotting down information on each of your characters and developing their own back-story or life, which then you’ll blend into your story with the rest of the characters and their back-stories.

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