Movie Review of The In-Laws

Movie Review of The In-Laws
Review of The In-Laws (2003 version)

Director: Andrew Fleming
Writers: Andrew Bergman (screenplay), Nat Mauldin (screenplay), Ed Solomon (screenplay)

Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks do justice to this film. I thought they had such great chemistry in this movie. Michael Douglas playing such a great CIA action figure and Albert Brooks playing a great anal, cheesy foot doctor. They were brilliant together. I’d love to see them playing in another movie together.

I have watched this movie 10 times or more and still don’t tire of the humor, action and pace of this movie. We I need a laugh and a little action; I pull out this movie and watch it.

The director did a great job casting all the characters for this movie and well as the excellent directing.

I’d recommend this movie to anyone looking for a fun film.

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