How to Write Non-Fiction For Today’s Children

Research is the key word when thinking of writing non-fiction for children.  It’s very important to your subject because children are smart enough to know when you are fudging the truth.  Make sure you have all your facts in place when ready to start writing.

Check facts with experts; for example if your subject is on Abraham Lincoln, you might consider talking with or visiting the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum.  The experts there could help you with the history on President Lincoln along with historical documents located there.

Books are also a great source of information. Reading other books on the subject is a great way to learn about your subject.

If writing a non-fiction book, usually it takes about a year to research and write a book whether for children or adults.  If writing a non-fiction article it will need to be submitted to most magazines 8 to 11 months prior to the magazine publishing it. If you are writing an article about Christmas trees, which will go in the December issue, your article needs to be research and complete by at least February to go into the December issue.

There are many different websites offering lists of children’s book and magazine publishers.  Here are just a few:

Here are some steps to start writing for Children’s Non-Fiction whether for a book or a magazine:

Step 1 – Picking out a subject

Step 2 – Figure out if this will be for a book or a magazine

Step 3 – Figure out if what type of writing

§        Personal Experience

§        Biography Books

§        Fact Book

§        Puzzle Books

§        How to Books

§        Reviews

§        Game Books

§        Photo Essays

Step 5 – Choosing Your Point of View

Step 6 – Start Writing

Step 7 – Develop Interesting Characters

Step 8 – Edit & Re-edit Your Writing

Step 9 – Submitting Your Article or Book to Publishers

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