Publishing – Can Anyone Do It?

By Susan Hilliard,  Webmaster and Writer

Old Time Publishing, which by the way wasn’t that long ago included the following;

A writer submitting his/her manuscript to agents and publishing houses, and for the majority their work was rejected, possibly never read and the person (writer) wasn’t taken seriously.  Some publishing houses would not allow you to submit a manuscript unless you had an agent, and most agents would not take on new unknown writers.

You, as the writer, were caught in the endless circle of who, what, and where.  It was frustrating to say the less and caused many a good writer to just quit their passion and look for a real job.  How many brilliant writers did we lose because of that process?

Thus enters the present day of social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, E-books, and Self-Publishing your own book through companies like; Lulu, Amazon, Trafford, 48hrbooks, InstantPublisher, Diggypod, Createspace, Souskirspress, MoririsPublishing, WriteandPublishyourBook, CafePress, and the list goes on and on….

The truth is, if you go with a small self-publishing firm you retain all the publishing rights.  You pay to have the book published but in turn receive all the profit from sales of your book.  By keeping or obtaining your publishing rights for your book, this is where the true money is made.  Remember I said that and don’t just sign away your publishing rights to your book, your music, your poetry, or anything else you do.

How do I know this? My ex-husband of many years ago wrote a technical book and received 2% of the publishing proceeds from the book.  The publishing company on the other hand received 98% of the profit.  Yes, they incurred the cost of publishing the book and distribution of the book, but then the rest was all profit for the publishing house.

The power of social media has helped to push our words forward to others, through Twitter and other such social medias.  In this new day and age, anyone with a blog or the power to type, can become a writer of words.  If you have a message to be shared or should I say a message you want to write, blog it, and post a link to it  Twitter or Facebook and thousands will read your message, whether good or bad.

Article writing also used to be for only the studied journalism majors, who wrote for the nightly news, magazine, local newspapers and now anyone can write their own articles and stories in their blogs, such as my blog.

If you’ve written a book and you’ve been afraid to submit it to a publishing house for fear of those dreaded rejection letters, self-publish it if you believe your book has a positive message to share.  You never know, someone else might even think it is great and it will spread like wildfire through the world through this new platform of social media.  Start small with an e-book and when you write your full-length book don’t forget to offer it in Kindle form as well.

The most important thing in the life of your writing is NEVER give upThere is nothing but fear itself keeping you from writing or completing your book.  I was told one time by an excellent writer, the best way to learn how to write, is to read, read, read…. pick up every book and just read.  It helps you to learn the style and flow a book should take and thus helps you evolve to an even better writer.

Keep writing and stay positive and know that your work is worthwhile and great. You are a great writer.  Don’t wait for an agent or publisher to tell you this, self-publish and let the readers tell you.  Readers are your best and true audience.  Think about releasing a chapter as an e-book for others to read and critique for you.

And most importantly, keep reading and keep writing……

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