The Importance of a Business Website

Article Posted in the Florida Bar’s Family Law Section Monthly Newsletter
January – February 2012 Edition
by Susan Hilliard Gibson, Webmaster & Writer

When was the last time you looked for a business in the yellow pages of a phone book? If you said today, you are in the minority. Your clients are looking online to give away their business to lawyers, businesses, and companies.

A website is an inexpensive way to advertise your practice in comparison to the costs of phone book, newspaper, and TV ads which probably give you less business than an online presence.

Practices that are located in multiple states have the advantage of expanding their market across several time zones, even across the world. Their practices will not be limited but instead is always available through their websites.

Other Benefits of a Website:

Post Press Releases
Tracking Customer Activity
Save Money on Other Marketing Tools
Advertising Vehicle; Flyers, Special Events, Business Services
Changes to Practice Services Easily Made Online
Open 24/7 for Clients to “Contact The Practice” via Email
About Us Page, Is an Excellent Sales Tool
Makes it Easier For New Clients to Locate The Practice That Fits Their Need

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