A Few Features in Office 2010 That Can Benefit Your Office

A Few Features in Office 2010 That Can Benefit Your Office
March – April 2012 The Florida Bar’s Family Law Section Newsletter
by Susan Hilliard, Webmaster & Writer

Microsoft came out with Microsoft Word around 1995 for Windows and Mac and it’s been a great tool for offices since its development.  

MS Word 2010 some of the features:

  • Work in Word Anywhere – You can now view & edit your Word document not only in Word, but in a browser, or your mobile phone as well.
  • Bring Your Best Ideas to Life – Word has new functional features which provide artistic effects for both text and the pictures. You can quickly add screenshots which capture and incorporate visual illustrations into your work.
  • Work More Easily – You can create, save, inspect for hidden metadata or personal information using the Microsoft Office Backstage view.  You can customize your workspace in Word so that the commands you use most often are all together.
  • Work Better Together – In the 2010 version you can work together with other members of your office.  You can see who else is working on the document at the same time and what section they are editing.

MS Excel 2010 some of the features:

  • Access the Right Tools, at the Right Time – You can create new files, open existing files, save, send, protect, preview, and print files using the Microsoft Office Backstage view. The Microsoft Office Fluent interface consists of a customizable visual system of tools and commands within Excel.
  • Workbook Management Tools – They Include features like; recover previous versions, protected view, and trusted documents.
  • Access Workbooks in New Ways:
    ->You can now access your Excel workbooks through your browser allowing you to view and edit the file using the Microsoft Excel Web App.
    ->You can use your Windows Phone 7 to view and edit your workbook using the Excel Mobile 2010.
  • Some Other New Features include
    ->Sparklines – tiny charts that fit in a cell to visually summarize trends by the data.
    ->Slicers – visual controls that allow you to quickly filter data in a Pivot Table in an interactive way.
  • Collaborate on Workbooks in a New Way – This allows you to publish, edit, and share workbooks with other people in your organization.

MS Outlook 2010 some of the features:

  • More Room to Manage Your Account – Microsoft Office Backstage view allows you to create or manage Outlook items, such as print commands and account management options. You can set up rules & automatic replies in this area too.
  • View More Messages – You are now able to track and manage related messages, regardless of the folder that contains the messages.
  • Process and File Messages Quicker – You can customize ‘turn commands’ and ‘procedures’ that you use most often into one-click by creating your own buttons that combine your frequent actions.
  • Reduce the Noise In Your Inbox – You can ignore conversations and/or clean up conversations.
  • Work Smarter and More Efficiently with Messages – Mailtips, forgotten subjects, auto-complete list improvements, resize attached photos, include screen shot, more spell checking, and expanded delivery information are now available in this version of Outlook.
  • Get the Calendar Big Picture – These are are few items in you now have available; meeting suggestions, calendar groups, schedule view, and quick view.
  • Work with All Your Accounts in Outlook – You can have multiple Exchange accounts and manage them.  There are IMAP improvements which make these email accounts now resemble other e-mail accounts.
  • Stay on Top of Your Tasks – The ‘To-Do Bar’ has been improved and is now based on customer requests. It is easier to access your all-day appointments and events.
  • Save Your Information – When you save Outlook information on your computer a data file is used. This makes for easier access to your Outlook data files because they are no longer hidden files, but instead in a folder inside your ‘My Document’ folder.
  • Stay Connected – Outlook’s OSC (Outlook Social Connector) connects you to the social and business networks you use, including Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Live, and other popular third-party sites.
  • Unifed Messaging Improvements – It allows you to receive and listen to voice mail transcripts and secure voice mail.

If you have questions for Susan you can email her.

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