Loogie the Booger Genie

Book Review of: Loogie the Booger Genie, “Prince of Prank”
Written By: N.E. Castle
Illustrated by Bret Herholz and N.E. Castle

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This is a great story for children!

This story has all the elements of a great story; engaging characters, a wonderful theme, and a perfect plot.

It included engaging main characters, which included; Prince Loogar a 8-year-old also nicknamed Loogie (805 year old prince-genie) and Charles a 7-year-old modern-day prankster.

The book weaves in a perfect theme for children by teaching good points about behavior so the readers learn the lessons for themselves. The readers learn how Loogie and Charlie’s actions affect others and make them think twice about hurting others with their pranks.

Loogie and Charlie learn that past behavior can have consequences they don’t expect and they both learn and evolve in this story.

Looking forward to introducing my grand kids to this new book, the first of a series of more to come. Great writing N.E. Castle, keep writing!

Reviewed by Susan M. Gibson
Writing Resource Inc.

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  1. Nancy Castle


    Thank you so much for taking the time to review Loogie. I’m so glad you enjoyed him!

    The second book in this series, A Very Nasty Cold, is now out on Amazon and the third one is on the way!



  2. Susan

    Thank you also for writing such a wonderful book for kids. I’m excited to hear the second of the series is out. I’ll have to pick that up for my grand kids.
    Have a wonderful evening and keep writing!
    Susan 🙂

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