THIS is the New Standard in Unique Content Creation

It’s no secret that content is THE most important aspect of any site. I mean, when you think about it, what makes ANY website on the internet better or worse than any other website? The answer is: Content.

I don’t think there is any denying or arguing that fact. But when you own multiple websites, especially sites on topics that you know little about, the big question is not should have publish content (that’s obvious.) The question is “WHERE will I get the content?”

For years most Internet Marketers chose one of four sources:

1. Writing the content yourself
2. Using low-quality PLR content
3. Paying someone else to write the content
4. Using a tool to generate the content, which almost always needs re-written

All of these options can be good, but they ALL require money, time or both for each and every piece of content that you need!

If you’re like me, you don’t have any extra time to spare and you certainly don’t want to spend money every time you need an article, which is pretty much every day.

So for a long while now there has been a “hole” in the market for a tool that not only generates content, but generates unique, quality content that is so high in quality that it does NOT need to be re-written at ALL and does not cost you more money every time you need more content.

Luckily, not long ago, one of the leading Internet Marketers in the world, Jonathan Leger, developed a tool that does just that!

Think it’s impossible? Check out THIS video:

As you can see, Jonathan truly has created the ultimate unique content creation tool!

100% of the content that it produces is human edited, so it all “reads” very well and makes perfect sense … it truly is QUALITY content.

It produces a nearly unlimited supply of articles in over 80 niches with more niches being added regularly and the absolute best part of it is that these articles are literally generated with the push of a button!

Listen, if I had the best programming skills on the planet I honestly don’t think I would be able to come up with a better content generating system than this. It truly is the new standard in quality, unique content generation.

I highly recommend this and use it regularly myself! Here’s that link again.

To Your Success,
Susan Gibson

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